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Best tyres choice for summer

When it comes to summer tyres it is always a hard dispute which tyres and which company makes the best. Of course, the big names of the industry like Michelin, Pirelli, and Continental usually take the highest positions but we should definitely consider the facts that in order to be some of the most profitable companies, the tyres are quite expensive even though the quality is extremely good. That is why most people like to make a proper research online before buying anything since they need to make sure the best choice is being made.

According to Tyre Reviews, for summer one of the best performance tyres is Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S. You can find them on the market for a price between 180-190 Euros. Those tyres are great for those of you who look to pack their car with the top quality out there. Made especially for performance that is able to handle hard breaks and corners while giving you amazing stability and traction on the highways and main roads. It is great for handling on wet roads since it does has extra grip on the wet environment, plus Michelin made sure to minimize the noise as much as possible while making the tyre to drive smoothly on the roads.

Next choice can be the Continental Sports Contact 6. They come at a bit cheaper price of about 160 Euros. We can say that Michelin here takes a bigger market but still a great choice since does most of the things just like the Michelins. According to Tyre Reviews, the only problem people have with that package is that they are wearing out faster. That they still have amazing wet road grip, comfort and traction are the same if not better so for the price of 160 Euros this package is an amazing deal.

The tyre market right now is on a great peak when it comes to quality tyres because many brands try to get to the first place, even though so far Michelin is usually the winner. That said a bigger market research can show that many smaller brands are producing just as good tyres and we can confidently expect in the next 2 to 3 years major market improvement and technological innovations on the tyre market. So if you haven’t decided yet check out our collections, compare the brands and prices and make sure you share with us your opinion what are the best tyres for your car. 

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