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Why winter tyres and keeping your car on the snow up and running

Do you live in a place where in the winter is heavily snowing? Or maybe you are in the suburbs of the city or even the countryside? This will mean that when the cold time of the year comes most probably you are driving on a snowy not fully cleaned if any roads. Especially when it comes to secondary roads they are rarely having the snow completely removed. That is why you will need to equip yourself good with a nice pack of the best snow tyres also known as winter tyres, that are going to keep you up and running when you go to work, to school, for a family vacation or just a nice relaxing drive.

The reason why the winter tyres are so good and why they keep you on the road are a couple. They are designed in a way to handle the snowy and icy roads. The main reason for that is because their treads are designed in a way to have wider spacing between the blocks of them that is able to go through the snow. If it was a smaller space they wouldn’t have been able to keep the traction on the snow and you will easily lose control which is a situation you definitely don’t want to be in. As well many manufacturers are designing their tyres in a way to push the snow on the side so it doesn’t go under the tyres in the first place. Unlike the summer tyres, the winter tyres are also made for cold weather under 7 degrees Celsius because they are not getting hardened by cold temperatures. In general, their design is a bit softer so when it comes to cold weather they can have a nice grip on the road and keep you protected.

If you want to upgrade your car even to the next level of protection and traction on the ice you can buy winter tyres that are studded. Basically, this means they are going to have small, usually steel lugs that are embedded in the tyre and they are clinging on the road. This gives the driver an exceptional grip on the road even when it comes to ice because they are literally going inside of it. Keep in mind they are not as cheap as the regular but that provides the best traction necessary even for the worst secondary roads. Keep in mind though because they are indeed metal they may be made be illegal in your area since the roads can be damaged of their usage. Check the local laws for driving or just speak with a friend or mechanic that is more aware of the fact. That said studded tyres can keep you protected the best way possible this winter. 

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