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How to properly maintain all-season tyres for the longest use

If you buy yourself good all-weather tyres for a cheap price this means you must be using them a lot. The reason is unlike the seasonal tyres the all-season ones are being exploited throughout the whole year which was, of course, the initial idea of the buyer to save time and money from changing tyres. That said keep in mind because of them being used a lot you need to take a proper care which is not hard at all. Just a couple of quick steps will help you improve the life duration of your tyres while they are keeping you safe in your vehicle.

To make sure you use them correctly on a daily basis you must definitely clean your four season tyres. That is something many drivers neglect. While they do touch the ground often there is sand and mud going between the channels of the tyre tread. That can damage it just like it can be damaged by branches and other small objects. To prevent that from happening the easiest thing you can do is make sure your tyres are clean and properly maintained. Water and soap are just enough to get the job done.

Next thing is to check regularly the tyre pressure. This will assure that your tyres are working properly and there is no damage to them. The easiest way is to check the manual guide of the tyre from the manufacturer and see what the optimal pressure is for them. While you can check that information there the easiest and smartest way to check the inflation of your tyres is to get yourself a small gadget called pressure gauge. It costs not more than $10-$15 bucks and it will show you most accurately the PSI(Pressure per Square Inch) of your tyres.

While checking regularly your pressure is important there is something else to be checked as well and that is the tyre alignment. If your tyres are not aligned properly this means your vehicle is not balanced. Basically, some of the tyres are not turned in the same direction as the others and this makes the tyres wear out very fast. Especially in the winter season that can happen with your all-season tyres so make sure you regularly check your tyres alignment. The easiest way to spot it is if there are any unusual damage marks on the tyres. That can more often than not happen from this very imbalance the car has. While it can cost you money, this problem can take you into a very dangerous situation since you lose the grip on the road and the traction is being harmed. Make sure you properly check your car with a professional mechanic.

Those three things can definitely keep your all-season tyres in check for the best use so you can be able to drive them for the longest. Conclusion as always is to take care of your tyres so they can take care of you. 

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