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Compared with normal car tires, off-road tires are more robust and resilient. Off-road tires are available in summer, winter or all-season models and should be selected based on the most frequent use. SUVs (sport utility vehicles) are most commonly equipped with off-road tires. These days, off-road tires can be purchased at extremely reasonable prices.

Terms of use and legal framework

Off-road tires are optimized for different applications depending on the manufacturer. For example, Continental places more emphasis on aquaplaning, Goodyear focuses on reliability and versatile applicability, and Dunlop relies on a sophisticated tread design. All manufacturers ultimately have the same objective: the creation of an intensive and safe driving experience regardless of terrain and weather conditions. Off-road tires must have the M+S designation. They may be mounted as winter tires on models other than SUVs. In this case, the off-road tires are considered winter tires and must be replaced with normal summer tires in the summer.

Leading manufacturers

The leading manufacturers of offroad tires for SUVs include Continental, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear, Pirelli, and Hankook. Every year, new models of SUVs and off-road tires are introduced onto the market and excite customers by their versatility and the fact that they can be purchased at reasonable prices. The off-road tires have become increasingly individualized and can be readily adapted to the driving needs of customers. Well-preserved off-road tires can also be purchased used. Changing driving preferences from normal roads to rough terrain must therefore not be a costly undertaking. It is worthwhile to research the selections of various manufacturers. You can compare the respective offers and choose the best model for your needs. The tires should be regularly checked for damage. Rough terrain can sometimes put too much resistance on tires, thereby causing damage to the tread or outer tire. Routine tire checks guarantee asafe driving experience.

Some off-road tires are able to stand the test on various types of terrain. If you tend to drive on highways, you can also buy the corresponding off-road tires. Buying the appropriate tires can immensely improve driving comfort and enjoyment. With the off-road tires, it is even possible to drive on snow and ice at speeds of up to 240 km/h. There are special off-road tires that meet a driver's high demands for design and a sporty driving style. Off-road tires provide the driver and all passengers with a very unique driving experience. The driver is better able to perceive the road surface and the surroundings, thereby increasing the feeling of limitless driving.



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