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Sava tyres was formed in 1998, and is a subsidiary of Goodyear Dunlop.
Passenger car tyres
Summer tyres
Perfecta – for compact cars, better fuel mileage, dependable dry wet stability, braking, reduced noise levels, longer tyre wear
intensa hp – for medium cars, reduced fuel consumption, good handling on wet and dry surfaces, improved braking
intensa uhp –for luxury cars, reduced noise, lower fuel consumption, improved handling on dry surfaces
All Season tyres
adapto –for small cars, improved braking handling year round, lower risk of aquaplaning, reduced noise levels
adapto hp –for medium cars, all weather grip, better handling, reduced aquaplaning, lower noise levels
Winter tyres
eskimo ice –better traction on snow and ice, resistant to aquaplaning, good mileage
eskimo s3+ -reliable grip and braking on wet roads, resistant to aquaplaning, longer tyre life
• eskimo stud –studded tyre for better tractions and braking in winter conditons
• eskimo hp –improved braking and tractions, longer tyre tread
SUV 4X4 tyres
• intensa suv –summer tyre providing improved wet and dry handling, reduced noise levels
eskimo suv –winter tyre providing a good grip on snow, improved braking on wet roads, lower noise levels, longer tyre life
Light truck tyres
trenta –summer tyre for vans and light trucks, good for all axles, good tread wear for longer tyre life
trenta m+s –winnter tyres good for vans and light trucks, improved winter handling, good for all axles, and long tyre life

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