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Federal tyre was founded in 1954 in Taiwin.  Since then their tyres are sold in over seventy countries. Federals range of tyres includes UHP, SUV, LTR, and PCR.

UHP tyres

•    595RS-RR tyres –provides extraordinary handling and cornering ability, reduce hydroplaning and ensures wet grip
•    595RS-R tyres –improved ride comfort, stronger grip and traction
•    595RPM tyres –reduced noise level, provides stronger grip, better wear
•    595EVO tyres –reduced noise levels, increased stability and grip, less risk of aquaplaning
•    595 tyres –provides quiet comfortable ride

High Performance tyres

•    FORMOZA AZ01 tyres –provides stability  and safety on wet surfaces, increased resistance to hydroplaning
•    FORMOZA FD2 tyres –reduces  vibration, better stability, reduced risk of aquaplaning

Passenger car tyres

•    FORMOZA FD1 tyres –longer tread life, improved water evacuation to reduce     aquaplaning, increased safety and grip when cornering, lower noise levels, better fuel economy
•    FORMOZA GIO tyres –low rolling resistance, better braking on wet surfaces, lower noises level, better fuel economy, reduced risk of aquaplaning
•    XTRAMILE XR01 tyres –prolonged tyre life, better durability, control and grip
•    SS657 tyres –prevents aquaplaning, comfortable ride
•    SS731 tyres –safety, comfortable ride, long tread wear
•    SS791 tyres –all season better performance on wet and dry surfaces
•    SS753 tyres –improved cornering, traction, and reduced risk of aquaplaning

SUV tyres

•    COURAGIA F/X tyres –better steering and handling, enhance resistance to aquaplaning, long tyre life
•    COURAGIA S/U tyres –increased cornering stability, steering response, and safety
•    MS357 H/T tyres –better traction in mud and snow, long tread wear, improved braking and handling in mud and snow

Winter tyres

•    MS357 H/T tyres –improved grip, cornering, reduced noise
•    HIMALAYA SUV tyres –quiet ride, improved grip on snow, ice, slush, and we

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