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Apollo tyres has been manufacturing and selling tyres since 1972. Since then they have grown to four manufacturing plants in India, two in South Africa, and one in the Netherlands. They export and sell to over 100 countries worldwide.
They have tyres for passenger car, light truck, truck-bus, off highway and bicycle tyres, retreading material and retreaded tyres.
Apollos goal is to create a sustainable business on strategic growth and responsible actions.

Passenger car tyres

•     Alnac tyres –lower noise level for more comfortable ride, improved handling in both wet and dry conditions, more stability at high speeds
•     Alnac tyres 4G –for midsized cars, better grip on both dry and wet surfaces, reduced noise, longer tyre life
•     Amazer tyres 3G –for compact vehicles, lower fuel consumption, longer tyre life
•     Aspire tyres 4G –excellent handling on dry surfaces, enhanced grip and stability on wet surfaces, better cornering, lower noise for quieter ride
•     Amazer tyres XL –for minivans, longer tyre life, reduced noise for quieter ride
•     Quantum tyres –reduced risk of aquaplaning, improved handling and longer wear
•     Apterra tyres AT –all terrain tyre for SUVs offers good grip in mud, on rocks, and even in light snow
•     Apterra tyres HL –an on road tyre for SUVs giving improved grip on both wet and dry surfaces, reduced noise level, and better stability
•     Apterra tyres HLs –a SUV touring tyre giving better traction on dry and wet surfaces, quieter ride and longer life of tyre

Commercial vehicle tyres

•     Amar DLX tyres – for light commercial vehicles extra durability
•     Amar Gold tyres –for light commercial vehicles chip resistant, longer durability
•     Loadstar Super XP tyres –super durability for heavier loads for light commercial vehicles
•     Milestar tyres –uniform wear for longer tyre life for light commercial vehicles
•     Cargo SL tyres –small commercial truck for better load carry
•     Amar AT-RIB tyres –for heavy commercial vehicles, high mileage, more retread life
•     Cargo Miler tyres –high loads for long haul vehicles
•     Cargo Plus XR tyres –long haul high way tyre
•     Champion DXL tyres –long tread wear and more retread life
•     Endurace LDR tyres –enhanced stability, better traction, long tyre life

Off road, farming tyres

•    AGREX 85 tyres –offers enhanced traction, lower soil compacting, and comfortable ride
•     FX 515 tyres –good traction in normal to moist soils, long tread life, better stability and high load capacity
•     Farmking tyres –longer tyre life
•     Krishak Premium tyres –a better tyre for both farm soil and hauling, improved traction
•     Dhruv tyres –high load carrying capacity, longer tyre life
•     Krishak Gold tyres –improved traction longer tyre life
•     Krishak Super tyres –better cultivation traction, long tyre life

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