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Your Right choice - Laufenn LK01 Tyre

Laufenn S fit eq LK01 is intended for drivers trying to find increased performance in wet and dry conditions. The LK01 options an advanced asymmetric tread pattern that permits wonderful performance for any road or driving condition. The tyre has been designed for drivers trying to find increased performance and those who need to make sure each longer tyre wear life and better fuel efficiency. The design helps drivers get pleasure from a comfortable drive by reducing the quantity of noise and vibration. The LK01 is according to Laufenn’s philosophy of capturing modern values of minimalistic straight forward style with easy yet capable tyres which will handle your everyday driving desires, and is todays clever selection for performance aware discerning motorists

The all new premium Laufenn S fit eq tyre has been designed for drivers trying to find spirited driving in wet & dry conditions. This tyres advanced asymmetric pattern reduces vibration, noise & ensures wonderful stability & handling - particularly on wet road surfaces once a high degree of traction is crucial. The adoption of recent compound & construction technologies profit the S Fit's tread life & fuel economy.

A few words about brand

Korea’s Hankook tyre brand has become a extremely respected premium brand leading to Hankook to introduce the Laufenn brand as a worthy step up from the multitude of low-cost tyres that are flooding the New Zealand market. Laufenn’s premise is that of a really trendy, easy straight forward style and technically good brand espousing today's urban values like, environmental consciousness and minimalism. watch out for Laufenn’s four new patterns over high performance, passenger car, 4WD/SUV and light-weight truck tyres over a large vary of sizes.

Whether its commuting to figure via the motorway, driving a sports automobile on the weekend, or venturing in a 4X4 throughout the vacations, New Zealand drivers need specific tyres to satisfy their life-style. The Laufenn brand is a direct response to giving customers what they need, and at the same time delivering price, quality and performance. The introduction of Laufenn can serve as Hankook's exemplary dedication and commitment to advanced driving. Effectively, it'll position Hankook as a dominant company in delivering each Hankook and Laufenn as a complete providing for all drivers, placing Hankook a competitive company among the worldwide tyre brands.

Key features & Benefits:

  • Asymmetric tread style for optimised Dry and Wet performance
  • Long tread life
  • Excellent stability & handling performance
  • Engineered for exceptional control and a quieter, softer driving experience.

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